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Early middle ages IX – XI cent. Women

Women clothes

Creating the new medieval outfit, you have many possibilities. Below, there are photos of the projects I made so far. There are several categories, depending on what you are looking for.

Clothes can be finished with linen trims, silk, or hand-woven trims. You can choose anythig you want.


Let’s start with the underwear. This is the basic layer of your new outfit. It might be made of bleached or natural linen.


Dress is the main layer. Depending on the region (western or northern Europe) or your personal preferences, you have several types to choose.


The next layer is an apron. We have different types, because it might be a Vikining or Slavic apron. It can be an open or closed cut, woolen or linen, long or short. Whatever you want!


It might be very useful to have at least one layer made of wool. Below, there is a tunic, very characteristic element of Slavic clothes.


If you are looking for some more, you can choose the coat. It is open if front of it. Define what you need – the length, neckline, sleeve.


There is no need to intruduce you the cloak. You have two possibilities – cloak made of circle (half, whole circle) or rectangular cloak. It can be lined with linen or wool. For those, who don’t need a cloak based on historical sources, I can also add a hood. That’s a great idea for the photo shoots!


Hedeby of Skjoldehamn hood will be a very useful element of your outfit. It will protect you from cold, wind or rain. It can be lined with linen and for those, who freeze easily, I suggest to use two layers of wool.